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Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
disability rights law had just come into law not long before i had joined. that was very good experience that led to my next government job with bob dole, 1981. the senate turned republican. at the top of the list was the voters' rights. he wanted to make sure he was a player. it was a good fit. >> did you agree with him in most things? >> i did. people tend to identify me with the progressive camp. i hate labels. i have taken strong stances. i am a conservative in one sense. i believe in capitalism but believe that system has to be policed and regulated. it is popular. i think it is one that was reflective of both politics. the tax reform act. i enabled it to be lower for everyone. the compromise that fixed social security for years. a benefit to cut and tax increases. that was bipartisan leadership that we needed and had. his service to our country and the terrible wounds he suffered gave him a tremendous strength. he understood what it meant to put country first. the world war ii people knew that. we do not have that so much now. >> how did you become head of the corporation? >> i had
Jan 27, 2013 11:00pm EST
learned is that in law enforcement, when we get asked questions, we always say, no comment. we cannot talk about that. my rule of thumb is i always try to tell you what i can tell you. there is always something i can tell you. if i cannot comment on -- for example, there was a case where there was an allegation and an officer made a threat regarding the first lady. clearly, there is an investigation going on. what i can do is talk about, here is the process. we will do our investigation, the secret service will do a threat analysis investigation. it will be passed on for this and this. i try to find what it is i can tell the press because they have a got -- a job to do. that is my rule of thumb. >> i have a piece of people -- paper here. i go back to 1993. were you on the force? >> i was. >> there were 454 murders in the district of columbia. last year, 2012, there were 88. what happened? >> a lot of things have happened. the initial decline of the 500 down to the 200 range, that decline over a 10-year period was rolling down on the cocaine epidemic. the violence, we had 200 op
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)